Wing Commander was an R.A.F. officer who appeared in Biggles in Borneo. An officer with Intelligence Liaison stationed in Australia, he arrived in Lucky Strike on board a Saro Cloud amphibian after Biggles' successful operation to rescue the prisoners at Cotabato, bringing one of the recently freed captives, a Chinese merchant named Fee Wong. Crane had been interviewing the various ex-prisoners and had gathered valuable intelligence from Fee Wong about the movement of an importance Japanese river convoy bearing captured rubber and tin. Crane came to Lucky Strike to propose a sabotage operation against the convoy to be launched from Lucky Strike. The location of the convoy, Telapur was, according to Cranes's planning, just within the range of the Cayman amphibian which Biggles had with him at Lucky Strike. When Biggles agreed to the mission, Crane left, leaving some advice that the operation be done soon, as the monsoon rains could come early, making flight operations difficult.

Crane showed up again at the end of the book, arriving with General Barton and Air Commodore Raymond on board a Liberator to take stock of the situation and bring news that Lucky Strike would be established as a permanent strike base with three squadrons of aircraft as well as ground troops.