Victoria Point (known today as Kawthaung) is the southermost point of mainland Burma (or Myanmar), in the Tanintharyi Region, formerly known as the Tenasserim Division. It is a fishing port as well as a border town, and stands opposite the Thai town of Ranong across the estuary of the Pakchan River (also known as the Kraburi River). It serves as one of the major border crossing points between Thailand and Burma.

Interestingly, Victoria Point has an airfield which was built by the British before the war. On 9th December, the airfield was raided by Japanese aircraft. Subsequently, the Japanese invasion of Burma began with the landing of Japanese troops from Thailand at Victoria Point.

Victoria Point and BigglesEdit

Victoria Point plays a big part in the plot of Biggles Delivers the Goods. His base at Elephant Island was 10 miles off Victoria Point. The town was the headquarters of Admiral Tamashoa, the local Japanese commander. Algy was captured by Tamashoa and imprisoned in the local jail at Victoria Point where he met Major Marling. Biggles launched a raid on the town with about 50 of Li Chi's men to free the prisoners just before they were to be executed. The Thai town of Renong across the estuary is also mentioned as one of the towns where Ayert can indulge in his hobby of watching movies.

In Biggles and the Lost Sovereigns, Biggles, strangely amnesiac about his past association with the town, found Captain Macdonald at Victoria Point and boarded the Alora to speak to him. Biggles did not go ashore to the town proper nor did he spend much time there. Victoria Point was also the place of residence of Chintoo whom Biggles later hired as an interpreter and local guide. Of Victoria Point, Biggles noted that it was a somewhat decrepit little port and that it had a totally different character from the town of Mergui further north, up the Andaman coast. Mergui had a distinctly Burmese character. Johns was accurate in this observation, for then as today, Victoria Point, as befits a border town, has a much more cosmopolitan flavour. Besides the native Burmese, there are numerous Thais, Chinese, Malays and Salones in the population.