This table is an attempt to set a date to the various Biggles stories by an analysis of the textual evidence.

Story Date Evidence
Biggles Learns to Fly! September 1916 Stated in the text.
Biggles' First Flight September-October 1916 After two weeks of training, Biggles travels to France over the course of a few days and flies his first patrol on the first day he reports to 169 Squadron.
Biggles the Scout September-October 1916 One week after joining 169 Squadron, which he did after about two weeks of training.
Spy in the Sky December 1916-February 1917 Snowing.
Crashed Flyers! April 1917 See discussion here.
Knights of the Sky April 1917 Inferred from its poisiton in the story sequence
The Laughing Spy April 1917 Mention of "early spring frosts".
Biggles' Bulls-Eye April 1917
Biggles Buys the Sky April 1917 Bristol Fighter is just being introduced.
Biggles' Big Battle April-May 1917 Timing of the Battle of Arras 1917
Biggles' Surprise Packet June 1917 See discussion here.
Biggles' Revenge June 1917 Follows Surprise Packet, slightly more than a month after.
The Dawn Patrol June 1917 Follows Biggles' Revenge. At the end Mullen sends Biggles off on his leave to go and visit his friend Mark Way.
Biggles Goes Ballooning June 1917 Takes place before Runaway Tank below.
Biggles and the Runaway Tank June 1917 Stated in text as "middle of June".
The White Fokker June-July 1917 Biggles has just become an acting flight commander. The Fokker DVII and D.H.9 are anachronistic here so either:
  • Put the story here and accept that Johns meant an earlier model of Fokker, or
  • Bump this story down to April 1918 when the Fokker DVII entered servie (but accept a host of other plotline anachronisms
The Packet June-July 1917 Biggles has just been promoted to captain
J-9982 June-July 1917
The Balloonatics June-July 1917
Camouflage June-July 1917
Spads and Spandaus June-July 1917 Summer. Conflicting evidence. See discussion here.
The Zone Call July 20 1917 Stated in text
The Decoy Interpolated
The Boob Aug 1917
The Battle of Flowers Aug 1917
Biggles' Borrowed Plumes September-October 1917 After Algy arrives. Major Benson arrives in this story.
Flying Crusaders September-October 1917 After Algy and Major Benson arrive. Appearance of Albatros D.V.
The Funk September-October 1917 Algy has been in France for 6 weeks.
Biggles Flies East October 1917 In the foreword it is stated that Biggles had been in France for 12 months.
On Leave November-December 1917 See analysis here.
Biggles' Christmas Tree! December 1917 From context
Biggles Carves the Turkey Christmas Eve 1917 From context
Biggles' Xmas-Box! Christmas Day 1917 From context
The Professor January 1918 Slight fall of snow
The Joy Ride January 1918 Sandwiched between two stories set in Winter of 1918
The Bridge Party January-February 1918 Biggles kicks the ante-room fire into a blaze.
The Bomber late Nov 1917 - Feb 1918 Mention of the "new" Sopwith Dolphin
Biggles' Night Out! February 1918 "stars were shining brightly in the frosty air...."
The Carrier February 1918 Stated in text.
Biggles' Day Off March 1918 Just before the German Spring Offensive launched on 21st March 1918
Scotland for Ever! 21st March 1918 First day of the German Spring Offensive launched on 21st March 1918
Biggles' Sky High Hat Trick Shortly after 28th March 1918 Text states that it is "shortly after" Captain J. L. Trollope's feat of shooting down 6 enemy aircraft (later found to be 7) in one day. This took place on 28th March 1918.
The Bottle Party April 1918 6 weeks before The Professor Comes Back
The Trap April-May 1918 Presence of the Fokker D.VII
The Professor Comes Back May 1918 Just before The Thought Reader.
The Thought Reader June 1918 Summer. Harvest of wheat in France.
Biggles Takes the Bait April - June 1918 Mention of a "big Hun salient" (the German 1918 Spring Offensive) and the Fokker D.VII.
The Great Arena late July-early August 1918 Mention of a "big push" - the British 100-day offensive launched late July 1918
Biggles Finds His Feet late July-early August 1918 Takes dressing from the previous story. There is a fluid front with British and German attacks and counter-attacks consistent with the launch of a "push".
Affaire de Coeur October-November 1918
The Last Show November 1918 The Armistice towards the end of the story.
The Black Peril 1934 Specifically mentioned in Chapter 14. This reference is removed in the Thames editions published in the 1950s.
Biggles in the Baltic 3rd September 1939 and a few weeks after Britain declared war on Germany in Chapter 1.
Biggles Sees It Through A few weeks up to 13th March 1940 The armistice of the Winter War (13th March 1940) was declared in chapter 16 .
Biggles Sweeps the Desert late summer-autumn 1941 Appearance of the Me 109F
Biggles in Borneo After May 1942 Japan completed conquest of the Philippines in May that year.
Biggles Fails to Return Nov 1942 German occupation of Southern France (Case Anton) takes place just as Biggles & Co. make their escape.
Biggles' Second Case 1946 6 months have elapsed since Sergeant Bigglesworth C.I.D. which could have been set no earlier than September 1945.
Biggles Hunts Big Game Nov 1946 - Mar 1947 See here.
Biggles Gets His Men Oct - Nov 1947 Not plausible in Oct - Nov 1949, improbable in Oct - Nov 1948.
Biggles Foreign Legionnaire late 1952 Earliest May 1952, latest Nov 1954. See here.
Biggles in Australia 1953 Earliest Oct 1952 (when the atomic tests at Montebello Island mentioned in chapter 1 took place), more likely some months after. See here.
Biggles Sets a Trap 1961 Stated in text, esp. Ch. 3
Biggles and the Lost Sovereigns 1959 - 63 Probably nearer to 1963 than 1959 because it was written later than Biggles Sets a Trap which is set in 1961.