Ruzyne Airport

The old terminal and control tower of Ruzyne Airport. Inside this building Biggles and Ginger meet Von Stalhein. Running out of the building, they then steal a car parked in the open area in the foreground. The carpark was probably a smaller area at that time.

Ruzyne Airport, more properly, Prague–Ruzyně Airport (IATA Code: PRG, ICAO Code: LKPR) was built in 1937 as the main civil airport of Prague in the then Czechoslovakia. Conveniently located 10 km from the city centre, the airport was renamed Václav Havel Airport Prague in 2012 after the famous Czech writer and philosopher who served as President of Czechoslovakia from 1989 to 1992, and then served as the first president of the Czech Republic from 1993 to 2003. The airport retained the PRG IATA Code.

The present day airport has four terminals. Terminal 4 is built around the historic buildings and old airport control tower of the original airport and is today used for state visits and V.I.P. flights.

In Biggles Follows On, Biggles and Ginger, shadowing Ross, arrive in Prague at Ruzyne Airport (Johns calls it Ruzyn Airfield) on board a Czech Airlines Douglas DC-3.

When Ross is taken away on his onward journey, Biggles and Ginger again follow him from the hotel to the airport. They catch up with him in the booking hall just as he goes through the gates to board a Lisunov Li-2 bound (as they discover later), for Berlin. Biggles and Ginger then run into Von Stalhein who has just disembarked from a Berlin flight, giving them, as Biggles said, "fifteen seconds to get out of this". Biggles and Ginger hurriedly leave the building, and finding no taxis, steal a car parked outside and make their escape.