Nova Lisboa, now known as Nova Lisboa, is the capital of Huambo province and the second largest city in Angola. It was an important rail hub on the Benguela Railway, which linked the copper belt of Congo to the Atlantic coast. The main civil airport was known as Nova Lisboa Airport, now renamed the Albano Machado Airport (although it still retains the IATA Code: NOV. The ICAO Code is FNHU). Located about 3 miles to the southeast of the city, regular flights to NOV are available from the capital of Angola, Luanda.

In Biggles Sorts It Out, both Biggles and the suspect he was pursuing, Richard Browning, refueled here on their way to Windhoek in Southwest Africa (now Namibia).

Airport NOV

Passengers disembarking from a flight at Albano Machado (NOV) around 2009.

Nova Lisboa

Huambo is indicated by the red dot. Biggles' destination, Windhoek is the blue dot. The orange expanse to the east of Windhoek is the Kalahari Desert. The scale below shows the great distances involved.