The Lightning and BigglesEdit

The Lightning was Biggles' choice of long-range fighter for defending the secret operating base he set up on Elephant Island in Biggles Delivers the Goods. He mentioned that distances were just a little too large for the Bristol Beaufighter but, at that stage in the war, he might have picked a De Havilland Mosquito. But perhaps the book was a nod to Britain's American allies as American aircraft types featured heavily, almost exclusively, in the book. Biggles might also have wanted a more agile fighter, one with a proven track record against the Mitsubishi A6M Zero which he knew he would encounter.

In the event the Lightning did not dogfight with any Zeroes. Ferocity Ferris shot down a Kawanishi E7K seaplane in one, and Ginger pursued a Zero in another but didn't catch it.