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One of the enduring legacies of the W. E. Johns novels is the way they introduced readers to places all around the world. This was the pre-internet era, a time when when international travel was a luxury and information about foreign lands was scarce. How many readers then would have known where the Terai or the Mergui Archipelago is? Even with the advantage of the internet today, how many would know off-hand?

Below is a comprehensive list of countries of the world, with annotations against those visited by Biggles and his friends in the course of their adventures. In the list below, the following colour codes are used:

  • Country names in bold black:
    • Countries visited by Biggles or any of his friend, Algy, Ginger, Bertie and also those visited by Gimlet and Worrals. Refueling or transit stops also count. or,
    • Countries whose airspace Biggles or his friends flew over in the course of operations. So a reconnaissance overflight counts but simply transiting the airspace on the way to somewhere else does not.
  • Country names in bold lime green:
    • Countries mentioned in the text of a Biggles/Gimlet/Worrals book but not visited by Biggles or his friends.
    • So transiting the airspace counts as a mention.
  • Countries names which are greyed out:
    • Countries not visited nor mentioned in the text.

Country names and boundaries have changed since Biggles' time. This list gives the current names of countries but they are counted as visited if they were once part of a territory which Biggles visited. Hence South Sudan and Sudan both count as visited because Biggles once visited Sudan.

Biggles visited many more countries in the stories of derivative works such as the comics published by Studio Vandersteen. These additional countries are not counted here. Only the original Johns works are considered.


Africa presents unique challenges when reckoning the number of countries Biggles visited because the boundaries have changed the most.

For example French West Africa is mentioned in No Rest for Biggles as a potential search area for General Mander's lost Hastings aircraft. But French West Africa was not so much a country or a single colony but a conglomerate of eight French colonial territories in Africa: Mauritania, Senegal, French Sudan (now Mali), French Guinea, Ivory Coast, Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso), Dahomey (now Benin) and Niger. At other times, these colonies are mentioned separately. In fact, Dahomey is mentioned individually when Biggles is listing the search areas. The list only counts instances when any of these colonies are mentioned individually.

French Equatorial Africa was also a federation of individual colonies until 1934 when it became a unitary colony. When the colony was granted independence, its component territories Chad, Oubangui-Chari (currently Central African Republic), French Congo (currently Republic of the Congo), Gabon and French Cameroon (currently part of Cameroon) became five separate independent countries. Since they once formed part of a unitary colony, all five present day countries are counted whenever French Equatorial Africa is mentioned or visited.

Total Count: 13 Visited, 15 mentioned



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