Kalut was a character from Biggles in Borneo. A warrior from the Punan tribe residing in a village near Biggles' secret base Lucky Strike, Kalut is the favourite hunting partner of Suba, the chief of the village and accompanied him on many expeditions.

After Algy and Ginger baled over Talut Island, Kalut, along with Suba, was part of the party which Biggles brought along in the Cayman amphibian to the crash site to look for them. After landing from the dinghy, Biggles sent them ahead to reconnoitre the Japanese submarine refueling base where he believed Algy and Ginger might be. They were also instructed to bring back a Japanese prisoner for questioning. This Kalut and Suba did, dragging along a dazed Japanese sentry on their return. Questioning of this soldier revealed that Algy and Ginger had already been taken away to Cotabato by submarine.

Towards the end of the book, Kalut accompanied Suba and the other warriors to attack Yashnowada's troops who were advancing towards Lucky Strike. Supported by 6 Beaufighters, the Punan warriors swiftly destroyed the Japanese force. At the end, Kalut could be seen joining Suba in a war dance around the severed head of Yashnowada.