The Heinkel He 111 and BigglesEdit

Very much the image conjured up when one is asked to think of a German bomber, probably because of its frequent appearance in war films, yet the Heinkel, oddly enough, appears rather infrequently in the Biggles stories.

In The Arrival of Angus, Bertie captured one by forcing it to land at Rawlham. Angus arrived with Nutty Armand and they tried to steal it, thinking they had landed somewhere in France.

In derivative worksEdit

In L'Oasis perdue, the German agents excavating illegally at the lost oasis had a He 111 as their long range transport. When Biggles saw it, he remarked that he had never seen that type before. This is plausible as the He 111 first flew in 1935. The events in the story took place in 1936. Here, Biggles almost got to fly it, but he was overpowered and thrown out of the aircraft by Obersturmbahnfuhrer Botho von Ettal.


A fine and detailed rendition by Frank Leclercq of the He 111. There's only one problem: the early models of the He 111 had a conventional stepped cockpit. The stepless smooth glazed nose we are all familiar with, and the gondola style ventral gun position only arrived with the P variant which were delivered from 1938 onwards. This story is set in 1936.