The Grosvenor Hotel (not to be confused with the Grosvenor House Hotel), is an actual hotel in London located at 101 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1, next to Victoria Station. A Grade 2 listed building, it is still operating today as a four-star hotel and is popular with business and other travellers because of its convenient access to rail and London Underground services. The Grosvenor Hotel features in several Biggles stories.

In Biggles Follows On, Ginger is emerging from "Airways House" when he spots Von Stalhein entering the Grosvenor Hotel. It later emerged that Von Stalhein was spending most of his time commuting to Caterham where he was attempting to cultivate British soldiers stationed at the Guards Depot there. Given that mainline services from London to Caterham depart from Victoria, his choice of the Grosvenor Hotel was an obvious one.

In Biggles on the Home Front, Biggles was operating around Victoria and asked Gaskin to have one of his men leave an unmarked car for him outside the Grosvenor.

In Biggles and the Gun Runners, Count Alexander Stavropulos had a suite of rooms at the Grosvenor. He interviewed Biggles there and recruited him for his air transport company.

Grosvenor Hotel

Grosvenor Hotel as seen from Buckingham Palace Road.