General Barton was a U.S. Army general who appeared in Biggles in Borneo. Barton escaped when Mindanao in the Philippines fell to the Japanese. Allied Headquarters believed he had escaped and was on the run and asked Biggles to look out for him. Later, Biggles learnt from Jackson, an escaped British diplomat, that Barton had been run to ground by the Japanese at one of the smaller islands and had been imprisioned at the prison camp at Cotabato and had been tortured when he refused to reveal information about Allied operations.

When Algy and Ginger baled out of the Beaufighter becuase there was a deadly snake in their cockpit, they were taken to Cotabato and there met Barton. Barton told Algy and Ginger that they could expect harsh treatment from the local Japanese commander General Yashnowada as he had heard about a secret British squadron operating in the region and had been searching for it. Yashnowada, Barton said, could torture Algy and Ginger to extract information about the squadron.

Barton had been keeping his ears to the ground while in prison. Shortly after Algy and Ginger's arrival at the prison camp, Filipino prisoners in the camp approached Barton with news conveyed by drums from friends in the hills outside the camp. The Filipinos told Barton to move the prisoners to thge far side of the compound, away from the ammunition dump, which would soon be attacked. They also told him to watch for a message from the sky--which turned out to be a bag of weapons, wire cutters and instructions from Biggles to cut their way out and make their way up the hill.

During the attack on Cotabato, Barton and the other prisoners cut their way out of the prison camp and escaped uphill to be met by Bertie and later Biggles. Barton was taken to Lucky Strike on the Cayman amphibian and then to Australia.

Barton returned at the end of the book with Air Commodore Raymond bringing news that the Lucky Strike base would be reinforced and expanded.