Flying Officer Bargent was a South African pilot who made an appearance in Biggles in the Orient. Bargent was one of the last few surviving pilots stationed at Jangpur responsible for flying supplies to China on the India-China air route which had been hit by a series of unexplained aircraft disappearances. Squadron Leader Frayle, Bargent's commander, described him as being as amiable as "a rhino that's been shot in the bottom with a charge of buckshot." With medical supplies urgently needed in Chungking, Bargent had volunteered to fly a Vickers Wellington on supply run on the day Biggles turned up at Jangpur. Biggles told Bargent to stand down because he wanted to fly the load himself but Bargent insisted on going along.

As they were about to depart on the flight Biggles wagered Bargent a hundred cigarettes that they will be in Chungking by lunchtime and back in Jangpur for dinner. Bargent accepted the wager, believing Biggles would certainly lose. As he told Biggles on the flight, he had already done four trips safely but reckoned his run of good luck coundln't go on. In the event, the journey went smoothly, and the Wellington Jangpur safely. Bargent swore that he had never felt better in his life, even though he had lost one hundred cigarettes!