The Interwar YearsEdit

In Biggles – Secret Agent, set in the late 1930s, von Stalhein was still involved in espionage work, this time as Chief of the Grospu, the Lucranian Secret Police. He kidnapped Professor Max Beklinder and installed him in Unterhamstadt Castle and forced him to continue his weapons research work, this time against British interests. Naturally, Biggles was the man sent in to foil his efforts and rescue the Professor.

After his rescue from SakhalinEdit

After his rescue from Sakhalin, von Stalhein shows up in the next book, Biggles in Mexico. By this time he had settled down in an apartment in Kensington under the assumed name of Lothar Boelke and made a living translating Russian and German documents into English. Biggles called on him when he needed information on Hugo Schultz. In putting the questions to von Stalhein, Biggles made it clear that his promise that there were no strings attached to his rescue held. But in the circumstances, he felt justified in approaching von Stalhein for help because it was a criminal case involving robbery and murder, and nothing to do with politics. Von Stalhein was of the same view and provided Biggles with the needed background.

Following this, in Biggles at World's End and Biggles Takes a Hand, von Stalhein willingly volunteered Biggles information which he thought would be useful to him. They subsequently worked together in Biggles Looks Back to rescue their mutual friend Marie Janis from house arrest in Bohemia and brought her to England.

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