Corporal Jones was a R.A.F. ground crew who had a minor role im Biggles in the Orient. He was storekeeper at Jangpur, the Indian terminus of the Indian-China air route, and he was responisble for preparing loads of supplies to be sent by air to Chungking in China. In Chapter 4, Biggles arrived in Jangpur intending to personally fly one of the supply aircraft to Chungking. Because many of the supply aircraft had disappeared mysteriously, Biggles decided to take extrordinary precautions. He planned to abandon the Vickers Wellington aircraft which had already been detailed and loaded up for the day's flight. He then asked the station commander, Squadron Leader Frayle, to detail Corporal Jones to prepare another load of supplies. Hopping onto a spare Wellington and taxied it to the store shed. There, Biggles, Frayle and Flying Officer Bargent loaded the Wellington themselves while Corporal Jones kept watch to make sure no one else touched the aircraft.