Captain Garnet was a Royal Australian Navy officer who appeared in Biggles in Borneo. Described as an elderly, genial-looking broad-shouldered man, Garnet was the captain of the aircraft carrier HMAS Adelaide which was cruising in the Eastern Indian Ocean at the time of the Japanese attack on Lucky Strike in chapter 15. Ginger had taken off in the Consolidated B-24 Liberator during the attack with the intention of flying it out of harm's way. He flew it southwards towards Darwin and then swung westwards past Java and over the Indian Ocean. There Ginger encountered two the Adelaide's Fairey Fulmars which shepherded the Liberator and ordered it to land on the carrier. The carrier personnel were suspicious that Ginger was flying alone and took him to see Captain Garnet.

Ginger explained his situation to Garnet who put his report through to Australia. Headquarters in Australia replied that the Biggles' squadron was to remain at Lucky Strike. New aircraft were being ferried out to them and in the meantime they were to be given all possible assistance. Garnet was however a little shaken when Ginger boldly suggested that Garnet lend him a squadron of Fulmar fighters as he expected another Japanese raid at dawn. This Garnet agreed to do, but since none of his pilots had seen Lucky Strike, he was also persuaded to lend Ginger a Fulmar for his personal use in order to lead the squadron. Garnet's generous action probably saved Lucky Strike, not to mention racking up an impressive kill score for his pilots, who intercepted and eliminated the Japanese dawn raid. He was, however, firm on the point that the Fulmars were to return to the carrier after the mission as he did not want to be stripped of half his fighter force.