In Biggles in de jungle (Vandersteen comic), Barari was the name of an Indian in the jungles of British Honduras who met and supplied Biggles with vital information about "The Tiger". At first Barari was inclined to be suspicious of all white men but after Biggles and Algy saved his daughter from an anaconda, he gained confidence in them and was willing to talk. Barari took Biggles and Algy to a secret chamber in a pyramid where he and his family were living in hiding. He told Biggles that the Tiger had provided an enemy tribe with fire arms. This tribe had attacked and burnt his village. Many of the inhabitants had been captured and sold as slaves to the Tiger. Barari also said that the Tiger had attacked and killed the porters of an expedition and had taken two white men (Charles Roberts and his son Eddie) prisoner. Barari added that the Tiger's camp was not far away, near the ruins of an old city.

Barari does not appear in the original novel Biggles in the Jungle, only in the Vandersteen comic strip adaptation.