In Biggles Delivers the Goods, Ayert was the bosun of Li Chi, the some time Chinese pirate who became a valuable ally to the British during the Second World War. Biggles first met Ayert after arriving at Elelphant Island in the Mergui Archipelago where Li Chi had hidden away a large stockpile of rubber which he contributed to the British war effort.

Ginger noted that among Li Chi's men, Ayert "stood out in ugliness and ferociousness of appearance". He was a tall, gaunt Malay, minus one eye, and with a heavily scarred face. He wore a dirty red handkercief tied low over his forehea. From a wide belt, decorated with gold, silver and mother-of-pearl, hung a huge parang (Malay machete). A knife and a revolver was also thrust into a sash. Johns described Ayert as a musical comedy bandit whose appearance was rendered "almost ludicrous" by an enormous, obviously home-made cigar. Ayert walked wih a limp, which Li Chi explained, was the result of an encounter with a crocodile when a boy. The scar s on his face were the result of an encounter with a tiger. Despite his fearsome appearance, Ayert's hobby was watching films--he watched films at every opportunity. Ayert also enjoyed leafing through film magazines looking at the pictures of film actors and actresses. Asked by Ginger what his favourite actor was, Ayert replied, "Donald Duck."

Ayert had the reputation of being the finest sailing master in the region. His knowledge of the local waters and languages would prove to be invaluable to Biggles when they made a reconnaissance to Shansie, during the boarding of the Sumatran and during the raid on Victoria Point to rescue Algy and Major Marling.